Friday, November 02, 2001

I changed the template after I saw the "Stone Angels" were a bit scary for me. I think what I have now is rather simple, a good beginning for my first on-line journal. It's Friday and everyone here at the office is ready for a good weekend. You can tell by how everyone is actually happy to be here first thing in the morning, which is usually not the case. I am tempted to use my weekend in one of two ways: escape and hide in bed and read and rent videos while I wait for the gas man on Saturday and do the same on Sunday with maybe a little bit of gardening here and there; or, go to an art fair with a friend on Saturday and ditch waiting for the gas man, take Elsie, my white German Shepherd, to the vet to check on a little growth under her eye that makes me nervous, and spend all day Sunday in Ventura with another friend going to the monthly flea market. Hiding out is what I want to do, but then it is so anti-social. I may modify my hibernation by just taking Elsie to the vet, having my neighbor watch out for the gas man, and going to the flea market on Sunday. After so much deliberation if seems as if the weekend is already being spent here and there.

Thursday, November 01, 2001

This is my first blog, my first public journal entry. I don't know why I'm blogging except that I have a fascination with online journals. I surf journals the way some surf the shopping channels or e-bay. I feel as if I am just dipping in my big toe to test the waters because the commitment to blog is so minimal: just sign up, sign in and do whatever I want. We'll wait and see if I have the courage to just take a deep breath and jump in with a big splash!